1926 Turandot Puccini Absolu EdP Histoires de Parfums

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1926 Turandot Puccini Absolu EdP Histoires de Parfums

Rated 4.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating
(1 customer review)

1926 Turandot Puccini Absolu EdP Histoires de Parfums for women of Histoires de Parfums

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1926 Turandot Puccini Absolu EdP by Histoires de Parfums is a Floral fragrance for women. 1926 Turandot Puccini Absolu EdP was launched in 2014. Top notes are narcissus, ginger, orange blossom and pear; middle notes are carnation, jasmine and patchouli; base notes are leather, amber and incense.

1 review for 1926 Turandot Puccini Absolu EdP Histoires de Parfums

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    4 out of 5

    Fragrance Review For Turandot Histoires de Parfums
    Top Notes Narcissus Ginger Orange Blossom Pear
    Middle Notes Carnation Narcissus Jasmine Patchouli
    Base Notes Leather Amber Incense
    “Ma Nessun m’avra! L’enigmi sono tre la morte e una!”
    “No man shall have me! The riddles are three, there is only one death” – Turandot 1926 opera by Giacomo Puccini
    I love Turandot the opera and this is one of Histoires de Parfums opera fragrance series the others include Carmen and Norma. Since Turandot is a Chinese legend, I braced myself for an Oriental fragrance, dense, heavy, exotic, and with a vicious bite. After all Turandot the Chinese princess had ice in her veins, she was the Princess of Death sending her suitors to their deaths by decapitation after they failed to answer the 3 riddles. But this is only a semi Oriental, with Oriental ingredients of incense patchouli and jasmine. There are no benzoins, myrrhs, sandalwoods and other Oriental touches. This fragrance is Turandot at the end of the opera when she declares “Father, I know the name of the Stranger, His name is Love”. Her cold heart has warmed up and she is in love with the tenor hero the Prince Calaf. This is a romantic and warm fragrance of incensed flowers. The narcissus is the strongest accord, a white floral scent very fragrant and fills your head. There is also an equally potent carnation flower. It opens with a little orange blossom, however and it harmonizes with the fruit note of the pear. On me this smelled more of spring time with orange blossom pears and narcissus. Sweet floral smell. But due to the incense it keeps from being too sweet and too airy. It’s a warm myrrh and there is also the aromatic patchouli which is in the heart of the scent and is very much it’s own incense. It becomes only a bit smoky, not terribly smoky. The amber in the dry down keeps it clean and only a tad soapy in the end. An elegant leather accord gives this a musk. It’s easily unisex and very aromatic at the dry down. It is an Oriental but not a major one. Very decent as an Oriental however. I would say they did a fine job of evoking Turandot.

1926 Turandot Puccini Absolu EdP Histoires de Parfums

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