100% Pure Chipie Purple Chipie

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100% Pure Chipie Purple Chipie

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100% Pure Chipie Purple Chipie for women of Chipie

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After the debut fragrance Chipie and Princess Chipie flanker, Coty and Chipie brand launched the 100% Pure Chipie collection of two youthful fragrances inspired by techno music and neon colors: Purple and Green. Its bottles are designed by Serge Mansau to look like soda drink bottles. The boxes are adorned with sparkling neon colors. The advertising face of Chipie perfumes is british model Polly Robinson.

100% Pure Chipie Purple is a blend of sweet and floral notes of pear, mango and freesia. The fragrance is available as 30 and 50 ml EDT. 100% Pure Chipie Purple was launched in 1998.

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    4 out of 5

    I had Chipie Purple way more than a decade ago but I remember its scent on my skin very well.
    Chipie Purple is close to the original Chipie but it is even sweeter (!) and more intense.
    The overall scent impression is “classic Chipie with additional sugar”.
    But Chipie Purple does not smell or feel sticky; the sugary note has more of a dry and crumbly feel to it.
    I would have guessed that the gourmand, crumbly and sweet scent effect comes from violet accords but I am surprised violets are not listed in the notes.
    The lasting power was far from impressive (2 hours max.) but during its short life span on skin Chipie Purple projected with above-average strength.
    All in all, Chipie Purple is a nice and joyful body spray.

100% Pure Chipie Purple Chipie

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