♥ Invisible Musk Slumberhouse

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♥ Invisible Musk Slumberhouse

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♥ Invisible Musk Slumberhouse for women and men of Slumberhouse

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♥ Invisible Musk is a long lasting, close-wearing musk – very light with malted coumarin charactaristics. Limited edition.

It contains synthetic notes – Musk R1 and Muscenone molecules, Iso-E Super,dimethyl benzyl carbinol, bicyclononalactone, benzyl benzoate, ionone beta and cinnamyl acetate. ♥ Invisible Musk was launched in 2011. The nose behind this fragrance is Josh Lobb.

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    4 out of 5

    ♥ Invisible Musk is a skinscent. It does remind me a bit of Eccentric Molecules or Voyage d’Hermes. It’s so clean, light and very subtle. I can’t put my nose up against and smell it directly as it smells a little strange like a glue stick (but smelling glue stick can be strangely addicting!). Every once in a while, I get a swift of really nice woody musky smell from it. It feels a tad bit aquatic aromatic with something subtly sweet and cinnamoney. There is no silly fruit or flower here. Just a really interesting basic but not really basic scent. Weird! It’s a tiny little bottle that I have. Easily get lost among others in my vault. Silly but I hope it lasts a long long time in my collection.

♥ Invisible Musk Slumberhouse

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