White Bouquet Demeter Fragrance

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White Bouquet Demeter Fragrance

Rated 4.00 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings
(5 customer reviews)

White Bouquet Demeter Fragrance for women of Demeter Fragrance

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This airy bouquet of white flowers was introduced in 2009 and inspired by gentle and delicate white flowers, which are both romantic and fresh. The perfume is available as 15ml mini splash, 30ml edc, 120ml edc,with an accompanying body care program.

5 reviews for White Bouquet Demeter Fragrance

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    3 out of 5

    I wanted to like this fragrance as a perfume but it’s way too strong! I mean this is clearly NOT A PERFUME meaning it’s not a perfume that was designed to be worn on your skin or person. This stuff’s a big chemical blast of white flowers, more on the exotic side, with overgrown green notes and leaves around nondescript and hard-to-make out white flowers. There’s some jasmine in it, some tuberose and lily of the valley the lily of the valley being the strongest floral note. If you like white flowers with a punch this is a real punch in the gut. What can I do with it?
    White Bouquet has a longer lasting staying power than most Demeter Fragrances so my thought was to spray the scent in the air in my home as an alternative to room spray or air freshener. In the air as you walk into it smells really nice. The clean white floral scent is good for covering up foul domestic odors like when the trash has been piling up before you take it out or to spray it in the bathroom for the usual around-the-toilet scents (y’all know what I mean) or cat litter box smell if you have cats in your home. This is good for spraying all over the house and has a distinct green and white floral vibe. I wish that it was softer and or soapier like white floral perfumes can be but this is far too aggressively chemical.

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    5 out of 5

    I had a sample of this scent for longer than a year. Tested it much enough to say it is at the begining nice, realy white flowers ……a bouqouet impression. Also its quite artificial. Strong begining last 12 minutes that settles down gently and softy only detectable clost to skin.
    I will not buy a regular bottle.
    To try i recommend it.

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    4 out of 5

    The notes listed are white flowers so it’s up to your nose to whiff them out! They are rather abstract because they are all bunched up together like the name suggests in a WHITE BOUQUET. It was more like a garden of white flowers than a white floral bouquet. Some reviewers have compared it to a wedding, but this fragrance did not take me to a wedding in the same way as Chanel. No. 22 and L’Air Du Temps. White Bouquet starts off with a powerful blast of aldehydes and water. It’s like a white mist and once the mist dissipates, you find yourself in almost jungle like atmosphere where all the flowers are white. There are green notes as well. The grass, the stems, the leaves. But all the flowers are white. And to my nose the flowers are: jasmine, gardenia, carnation, tuberose, lily, chrysanthemum, heliotrope, lily of the valley, orchid and white rose. This was beautiful but be careful. When spraying the 4 ouncer the contents can spill out like oil. This was oily on my skin even before the dry down. This was not bad just rather strong. I liked it a lot but it’s probably not for everyone. If you don’t want this stuff on you it can be better used as air freshner, or room freshner in your house! Really nice. Thank you Demeter Fragrance for scratching my flower itch. Next Demeter Fragrance Library perfume I’m waiting for and will be reviewing: LOTUS!

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    3 out of 5

    Does it have any lasting power?

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    5 out of 5

    The soft and delicate olfactory equivalent of a wedding. Soft white florals (I smell mostly heliotrope and a greener accord like lily of the valley) I would wear this scent on a chilly spring day.

White Bouquet Demeter Fragrance

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