London Vibe Impulse

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London Vibe Impulse

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(2 customer reviews)

London Vibe Impulse for women of Impulse

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Impulse City Collection was introduced in 2007, dedicated to the three world’s capitals: New York, Paris and London. London Vibe contains notes of grapefruit, black currant, jasmine, sandalwood and vanilla. It is available as perfumed deodorant spray.

2 reviews for London Vibe Impulse

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    4 out of 5

    I love this perfume with every fiber of my being. Used to wear it at age 11-15 until they discontinued it. After 5 long years the dollar store here in Australia finally got it back in. Hope it stays but it’s unlikely, such a creamy delicious smell,and as the above reviewer states it is DEFINITELY the most pronounced and unique smell unilever has produced.

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    4 out of 5

    City Collection-London used to be one of the Impulse body spray I just can’t stand, however, as I’m trying on more perfumes from different catagories, I find Londo is actually one of the Impulse sprays that has a more distinct personality.
    The start of London has this weird ‘skanky’ woody earthy sweet nearly skanky musky sweet floral smell which I also find in SJP Lovely and Idylle from Guerlain. Odd enough, I can stand the one in London relatively more. (From the notes listed here, I figured, maybe it’s the combination of black current and grapefruit accords). Then towards the dry down, it’s like the above plus a tiny trace of incense.
    London is really typical old-film feel London, grey, foggy and a bit depressing to me. Nevertheless, London is nice to wear in a cooler day or to a not-that-posh night club, London is definetly less aggressive-smelling than some commercial big name perfumes which has similar accords. Since it sometimes actually smells fun and on the right person (I occasionally smelt), it shines.

London Vibe Impulse

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