Hailey Aeropostale

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Hailey Aeropostale

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Hailey Aeropostale for women of Aeropostale

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Hailey by Aeropostale is a fragrance for women. Hailey was launched in 2010. The fragrance features floral notes and sweet notes.

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    3 out of 5

    This is actually a very lovely fragrance and not one you would think is from Aeropostal or in this price range at all. It is definitely not too sweet, seems to have a citrus note not listed? As well as a slight hint of woody notes in it that make for a very nice and enticing blend.
    It is very inoffensive, has decent longevity, it could stand to even be a bit stronger which is something I have never said of any fragrance before. (Never wishing to be “that person” whom you are able to smell in an elevator hours later, lol.) I layer this one with either a heavier, more potent citrus or light musky and/or sandlewood perfume and it adds to both the sillage and longevity perfectly. A nice scent overall on its own and a surprise too in general. ☺
    (I would also recommend trying Bayla and Promise Me from Aeropostal as well…if you like this one. )

Hailey Aeropostale

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