Life by Esprit for Her Esprit

Life by Esprit for Her Esprit

Life by Esprit for Her Esprit

Life by Esprit for Her Esprit for women of Esprit

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Bring color to your life and spread it to the world. Enjoy life to the fullest every day and take pleasure  in  adding  personal touches.  The  new  fragrance  duo  life  by  Esprit embodies  this unique  lifestyle  and  brings unexpected and colorful  moments into your life. The scent’s reinterpretation is based on the  well-known  classic  and  captivates  with  a  new,  modern  fragrance  composition.  Furthermore,  the  packaging  design  is  appealing  with  colorful  accents  and  the  familiar  design  elements  of  the  Esprit brand.

Flowery,  fruity  accords  combined  with  a  gentle,  woody  scent  lend  the  new  life  by  Esprit  for  her  femininity and lightness. The composition unfolds in a prelude of hints of jasmine blossom and pear,  creating  fruity,  flowery  nuances in  combination  with  rose  and  ylang-ylang.  The  interplay  of  the  essences  of  sandalwood  and  vanilla  perfectly  round  off  the  composition  and  lend  it  sensuousness  and a touch of elegance.

Top note: jasmine blossom, pear
Heart note: rose, ylang-ylang,
Base note: musk, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla

The new fragrance duo’s design appeals with its attractive and contemporary look. The familiar stripe  design was modernized and symbolically stands for the “E” in Esprit’s brand name.  New  color combinations lend the packaging design optimism and lightness. The ladies’ packaging is captivating  in apricot and rosé, while a vibrant red lends the design a surprising touch. The men’s design is  appealing  due  to  its  strong  orange  and  striking  blue,  giving  the  design  a  fresh  and  masculine character.

The fragrance is available as a 20ml and 40ml Eau de Toilette.

Life by Esprit for Her was launched in 2018.

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