Cybèle Galimard

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Cybèle Galimard

Rated 3.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(2 customer reviews)

Cybèle Galimard for women of Galimard

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Cybèle by Galimard is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. Top notes are tangerine and lily-of-the-valley; middle notes are blackberry, black currant and grasse rose; base notes are cedar, sandalwood and vanilla.

2 reviews for Cybèle Galimard

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    3 out of 5

    Cybele – Goddess of caverns and mountains, walls and fortresses, nature, and wild creatures. Mistress of wild nature, symbolized by her constant companion, the lion.
    Cybele is radiantly sensual and warm. It’s rather tame in comparison to its wild namesake, but it possesses a certain aura of mystery. Cybele opens with a gently bewitching burst of lily-of-the-valley with bright sparkling tangerine; it then deepens into juicy blackcurrant and blackberry, all tempered by the smooth vanilla sandalwood base.
    Cybele is a delight to wear, and a favorite from Galimard (an underrated, if rather traditional, perfume house). For those who a searching for a quality, refined fruity floriental that wears beautifully, give Cybele a try!
    Note: There are similarities between Cybele and JPG Classique, as passionata20 mentions. Cybele is a creamy, juicy floriental, not at all powdery.

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    3 out of 5

    17. april 2015
    This is lovely!!! Upone the very first application i instantly got the JPG “Classique” EDT feeling!!! But this is much more brighter and bit more fruitier than Gaultier!!! It´s like a fruitier version of Classique, thanks to very dominant sandalwood, vanilla and blackberry notes. Smells very nice and while i find the Gaultier being bit suffocating during warmer period of the year and his summer edition not worth a price and attention, this might serve as a perfect substitute for the spring-summer! It is rather inexpensive and while it has a moderate sillage it is quite enough to smell it on your skin for at least 4-5 hours.
    The closer to drydown, the more prominent the light soapy note i get, but it is still not disturbing and so perfectly in harmony with sandalwood and vanilla, that i enjoy this fragrance from the very top till the very end.
    Great find!!! (the review is for the brand new, boxed 100ml bottle of modern EDP)

Cybèle Galimard

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