Alba (From Across the Alps) DSH Perfumes

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Alba (From Across the Alps) DSH Perfumes

Rated 4.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(2 customer reviews)

Alba (From Across the Alps) DSH Perfumes for women and men of DSH Perfumes



Alba (From Across the Alps) by DSH Perfumes is a Floral fragrance for women and men. The nose behind this fragrance is Dawn Spencer Hurwitz. Top notes are bergamot, bitter orange, neroli, lemon and petitgrain; middle notes are olive blossom, orange blossom, black elder, jasmine, heliotrope, narcissus and white rose; base notes are tuber, australian sandalwood, bitter almond, beeswax, orris root and virginia cedar.

2 reviews for Alba (From Across the Alps) DSH Perfumes

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    4 out of 5

    Alba by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz aka DSH- Another elegant and exquisite perfume by the DSH perfume house. The perfume evokes glamour and high class, Smoky Jazz clubs, elegant dinner clubs, Ritzy private parties, red carpet events. In the same class as 5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden.
    The creamy, white floral, warm, wet, musky character of this perfume smells luxurious and rich. Neroli, Narcissus, Bee’s Wax, Bitter Almond, Jasmin, White Rose, Heliotrope and Tuber dominate the fragrance from the beginning. All the other notes are steps below these, with Bergamot and Petitgrain being non existent. After an hour Bitter Almond, Sandalwood and White Rose dominate this eighteen note wonder, with Jasmine and Heliotrope riding the undercurrent with a reduced intensity. The blend somehow, possibly, yet unintentionally, conjured up an almost Civet type note in this perfume, but not the true kind of civet where there would be a fecal aspect. No, not here, they were able to create the civet note without the lingering fecal note, much like how perfumers were able to create a musk note without the skankyness in perfumes like Jovan Musk and Alyssa Ashley Musk in the late 1960’s. Even though civet is not in the note list, there is a hint of it in a clean way, by the blending of possibly the Neroli, Bee’s Wax, Tuber, bitter almond and narcissus, these or some of these, together may have given me that impression of civet in the mix.
    The perfume has a short longevity about a 4 hour run. The third fourth hours becoming mostly a Bitter Almond, Sandalwood, White Rose scent with all the other notes fading or altogether gone.
    The sillage is moderate, then low after an hour, to very low and diminishing on the third and fourth hour.
    The season is really any time of year, but preferably a Night time fragrance to a Dinner club, Jazz club, red carpet event, or Dance club. A very elegant, glamorous, high class fragrance that works beautifully with women and wonderfully on men such as myself. Thank you Moonsparrow for introducing me to this elegant perfume.
    Alba by DSH. Another DSH fragrance gets my high approval and rapturous applause.

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    4 out of 5

    this is a citrus-floral with a bit of gourmand from the honey/almond, and something in here smells SO familiar but i can’t place it. the opening seems to be neroli and almond primarily. now i realize the familiar thing may be heliotrope, i think. there is something kind of sweet, floral and powdery here, and i think that’s it, along with orris root, backing up the almond and honey. so this is a honeyed, powdery white floral. i don’t tend to wear white florals much, but i like this one and could see myself wearing it from time to time, due to the soft honey powderiness of it.

Alba (From Across the Alps) DSH Perfumes

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