’80 Mila Schön

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'80 Mila Schön

’80 Mila Schön

Rated 3.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating
(1 customer review)

’80 Mila Schön for women of Mila Schön

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The recently presented collection of fragrances by Mila Schon – Time Collection was inspired by fashion through decades of the last century. This collection connects art and creations by the house of Mila Schon, the history of which begins in 1958 in Milan.

Her fashion, creations and style are defined by a subtle game of contrasts and this is where her secret lies. Functionality of form and substance characteristic for the 50es of the 20th ct originate from turmoil of artistic expression to entrepreneurship activities in Milan. These were crucial years for Mila Schon’s career since she started working during economic boom in Italy. She has always known what she wants since the beginning of the career: her fashion was actually a reflection of her personal choice and good taste – precise, with clear lines, simple and elegant.

The fragrant collection introduced in 2009 is connected directly to history of the house and its creations. The fragrances are named after decades and their compositions are connected with a certain period of time. Glass flacons of the collection have the same design but different colours. Their front and back sides are transparent, while their sides are matt.

Time Collection `80 starts with citrusy-fruity aromas of bergamot, tangerine, apple, peach and red currant. A heart encompasses Turkish rose, jasmine absolute, pink freesia and fresh accords, while a base is supported by a combination of white musk, Indonesian patchouli, amber and cedar. The flacon is coloured in green.

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    3 out of 5

    This perfume is really unique. I bought it unsniffed, mostly because I enjoy all of the listed ingredients and because I found it on a killer sale. What I didn’t expect is the way these traditional notes are put together. ’80 starts out fruity with the red currant taking center stage and remaining a bit player throughout the development of this perfume. However, within 15 minutes of applying, rose and freesia add a soapy quality that is quite delightful. Cedar in the base notes keeps the drydown ‘bright’ in a sophisticated sort of way and the patchouli is very subtle. One must love both freesia and rose to pull this off (fortunately, I do). Lasting power is 4-5 hours. My favorite thing about ’80? It smells like nothing else on the market.
    Excellent blind buy.

'80 Mila Schön

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