Mozas del Agua TRNP

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Mozas del Agua TRNP

Mozas del Agua TRNP

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Mozas del Agua TRNP for men of TRNP

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“A fragrant fairy tale about Water Maidens, Mozas del Agua opens with a sudden cold splash of playfully floral citrus, followed by a deep dive down into a rock pool that lives beneath a waterfall. The sky is pure, and light plays around you like music from another dimension. The green earthiness that follows is cool and dark, and carries the weight of self-assurance and quiet confidence. A masculine summer must-have featuring Petitgrain, Grapefruit, Patchouli and Vetiver.” – a note from the brand.

Mozas del Agua was launched in 2018. The nose behind this fragrance is Teone Reinthal.

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    5 out of 5

    you find a place to sit in the orangerie – the edge of a small fountain, clear water glistening as it trickles from top to pool below in the warm afternoon sun. you pull a grapefruit you brought with you from your bag and admire its full, pleasing, bright skin. you press with your fingers, digging in and, as the rind gives, a few tiny spritzes of juice mist onto your skin. the aroma catches you for a few seconds in a bittersweet, succulent daydream of deepest still water. as you focus, you notice around you the tiny white blossoms emerging from the green leaves, the aromatic smell of twigs and bark in the heat of the day, woody and almost rosy in nature. it’s overwhelming, magnified by the enclosed glass structure around you, holding in all heat and humidity. you go outside, leaving the orangerie, and find yourself on the verdant bank of a lake, shadowed by trees. the grass beneath you is deep emerald in this damp shade, a clear contrast to the dry reeds growing from the iridescent pool before you, still and crystal clear. frogs are croaking and tiny, translucent wings beat and flit around. you lie back, the memory of citrus still clinging onto your skin as sunbeams pass through the clearing above. the pool is a mirror to the sky. you smell the slightly wet ground now beneath all of this ancient place and, as ease begins to slip through your muscles and your body sinks a little further into the earth, fall into gentle and blissful sleep.

Mozas del Agua TRNP

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